From my workshop in Mount Gambier, South Australia, I researched far and wide in an attempt to find all I could on past and modern knife making techniques, quickly developing my own unique style.  Within a few years I had developed my own distinct designs with folding knives including images and high relief carving of Australian fauna and flora, winning my first award in 2003 at the Melbourne Australian Knife Makers Guild Show. Since then I have come away with numerous awards throughout Australian knife shows achieving recognition here and overseas.
In 2002 I began branching into forging my own carbon steel and Damascus blades and with the help of a fellow knife maker, Shawn McIntyre, I have honed my skills in Mosaic Damascus. Through the use of an old power hammer and the gas forge I built myself, I started to create my own style of Damascus containing distinctive pattern welded steel. 

Later in 2004, I worked along side Mike Peterson to create Japanese mokume (forged welded wood-grained metal) utilising copper and iron. This lead to the fabrication of bowls and other traditional Japanese pieces  although knife making has remained my passion.  In 2003 I became a member of the Australian Knife makers Guild and, more recently, in 2006 was elected the South Australian representative of the Guild.

Feel free to contact me regarding sales and information on my knives and knife making.  I am currently taking orders and will work with my own or your design to produce the desired piece working with the client to create an enjoyable experience in knife designing and final fabrication. So if you have a distinctive or fascinating request I will gladly work with you to create your perfect knife.
Contact me at my workshop on + 61 8 87266256 or 0424158025
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